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I love you full to the brim, ma…

Posted by littleindian on February 28, 2007. |

When I was young, very young
If wanted to tell my mum
that I loved her very much
my limited vocabulary (of bengali)
would make it come out as
“Ma, I love you full to the brim”.

With passing years, and slight improvement in
my stock of words and syntax,
it became a proper “I love you”.

I was speaking to her on the phone one evening
as we were finishing off,
I remembered what I used to say as a child,
I said again “Ma I love you full to the brim”
She laughed and said “I love you to the brim too.”

Those were our last words to each other,
next morning she was rushed to the hospital
in the evening she was gone.

I do not know what brought those words back to me,
but I am so glad that they did,
in the end I had returned back to her
as the tiny child
that she always remembered me as, in her mind.

She was my best-est friend.
Its coming up to two years my friend has gone away.

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4 Responses to “I love you full to the brim, ma…”

  1. Ma is the most important entity in one’s life. When we are close to her, we are unaware of the love, affection and security she provides. Its only when we are away from her, we realize her utmost importance. Honor to all the mothers in this world.

  2. @ Anand Bora,

    thanks for stopping by,
    and sharing with me your thought about our mothers.

    They are far more precious than our most expensive possessions.
    I feel you love your mother very much, never stop loving her,
    let her feel how much you love and how much she means to you,
    For when she is gone, it is an absolute absence, from which there is no coming back.
    Do not leave anything unsaid or undone, we have been given only the one chance.

    thanks again, and my regards to your ma.

  3. Oh, sweetie,thanks for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes, bless you & your lovely Ma xo

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Suz.

    I read your blog, and it had such a hauntingly similar feeling. I have been back to read it over and over again.

    I do not think its a feeling that can be described, can only be shared with those too have been through it.

    Thank you again.

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