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comfort in the unfairness of the universe

Posted by littleindian on November 5, 2007. |

Marcus – said in Babylon 5

“I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair.
Then I thought, wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?
So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.”

he never had any shoes, yet happily runs around in his bare feet,
walking on dirt and dust and mud, never hurt by the cold pavements

he never can lift a cup or a bowl, he struggles to grasp, to hold,
he gives up to grip with his teeth; he eats on the floor for
he is unable to sit at a table

he never learnt to get his own food,
he never complains of hunger or thirst
he will eat only if I give him food, if I forget, he will suffer the pain in silence,

if I give him a little food, he will pick it up and take it away
to hide somewhere to eat the tiny morsel,
so little yet so precious that he is scared to lose
perhaps a distant memory of losing out to someone bigger or stronger or less generous

he sits beside me, looking at my laptop screen,
I can see his head move, following the movement of the cursor,
that is all he can see, the words and the pictures means
he will never know
the wonders of electronics, the computer, the internet,

the world around us will perhaps never mean the same to him,
the vastness of the universe
the stars at night, the sky, the sun and the moon,
the wind and the rain, the seasons, the falling leaves
just an existence of living by the minute, no past no future

so many times,
he will look at me, about to say something, wanting to say something,
perhaps a few words forming in his tiny mind, trying so desperately to articulate,
he speaks with his eyes, his words remain unspoken, maybe soon forgotten
only if I knew what goes on in that little mind,

I have everything I want, and certainly more than I need
and so I will take it all for granted, my little companion
will never be able to share with me
my world, my reality

ruff - the border terrier

Sorry Ruffyboy. Life is unfair.

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15 Responses to “comfort in the unfairness of the universe”

  1. Such a lovely post! I love dogs & wish I had one, but for now I live vicariously through you dog owners…

  2. thanks MsCutePants,
    he is my friend, and I am starting to feel it is unfair
    that another life in the same reality that we share,
    has to be so different, so disadvantaged.

    Maybe happy in its simple existence, then again maybe not.
    Maybe they suffer their handicaps too in silence.

  3. this is indeed a very lovely post.

  4. They are so loyal – no matter how badly they are treated by some cruel people.

    He is just the sweetest little dog.

  5. wow, really really touching.
    actually they are more sensible (!) nd trusting than us humans, because they dont know to think so complexly and slyly like us humans.

  6. πŸ™‚ very sweet post… i miss hugging my teddy… could have brought dear teddy with me to hostel, but couldn’t due to space constraint πŸ™ still… as i look at all the dogs sleeping so peacufully in the sun… no tensions… no worries… i want to hug them so badly… i want to make them feel loved… they seem so serene, so peacuful… i wish i could be like them… sleep off in the middle of road, trusting all the people not to run over them… πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Ramanujan
    Sorry I haven’t been very prompt with my response.
    I have been kept busy with the daily mundane.

    Dogs are great companions.
    Sometimes I feel sad they cannot communicate verbally.

    He know when he gets a scolding.
    He will sit, with his back to me, innocently looking out through the window. Like “thakur ghoray ke? aaamito kola khaini.. πŸ˜€

  8. Thanks earthie,
    I am sorry for a delayed response, been kept away with works unpleasant.
    I find it more and more an effort to write this blog.

    Ruff is a very cute dog, and he is very sweet natured too.
    The world is his friend. I am yet to hear him growl or snap at anything.

    He did a “Dick Whittington” (as I call it) yesterday.
    He wants to go exploring the world. He escaped from our dog minder, and was picked up by a stranger having a wander. Thankfully his tag has our address. So his adventure got cut short.

    The scruffier he is, the more cute he looks.
    A woof from him to his friends.

  9. @ juturna
    hey thanks for dropping by.
    You wish to sleep on the middle of the road?!!
    I am worried about you now, πŸ™‚

    You left your teddy at home? You cannot be serious. They have feelings you know?

    My ma used to miss me, so I had bought one for her to keep her company. He is still part of the family, makes his appearance to the dining table if there is a feast on.

  10. Very glad he was returned to you safe and sound. He is the lovliest, cutest dog I’ve seen.

    Little Indian, don’t let your blog become a burden to you. You won’t enjoy it if it’s an obligation. Perhaps you could just update as and when and if you feel the urge.

    I wonder what will eventually happen to all those abandoned blogs out there in cyber-land.

  11. Thanks earthie, he is pretending it was no big deal.

    The scolding for him is “ello ello ello? whats been happening here?” And he will go and sit in a corner, looking every other way but at me, pretending he can’t hear.

    I seriously believe he has some degree of learning disability.
    He was a breech delivery, the last of the litter. May have had some birth trauma. But he is a real cutie, and getting more and more affectionate as he grows.

    The blog is my safety valve. What I write here are the things I am unable to say or share in real life.

    Now and then, I get put off by some others.

  12. How touching! it leaves me speechless
    and yet the Little Indian refused to respond to The Writing Meme and share with me his beliefs on the unfair world through the written word

  13. Not bad – some adventure for Ruff boy :-), if he is giving you royal ignore – I think he is kk lol….

    Don’t worry on some of the score which he can’t do as humnas do….you never know he might be looking at you and think the same about you.

    xxx to him – he is cutest πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks S,

    I still believe
    there is a big difference in what I ‘type’ and proper writing.

    Would you call a lawyers’ brief creative writing?
    I can narrate, or argue the cold hard facts.

    I can ‘copy’ other’s pictures, I can never create any new from my mind.
    Similarly I am unable to create anything new with my writing. πŸ™
    That is why I can never call myself a writer.

    But thanks for the support for my blogs.

  15. thanks rulzbender, nice to have you back.

    Like scratching behind my ears with my toes, I mean my lower paws? πŸ˜€
    No I never could do that.

    He grows more and more cute, and affectionate day by day.
    I thinks he is just starting to be aware of his surrounding,
    maybe to recognise, but does he understand what he is learning?
    We can never know.

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