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what if: the ‘big bang’ was a firecracker of the Gods

Posted by littleindian on July 7, 2012. |

do you wonder, how large is this Universe?

do we really know?
is it only as far as our most powerful telescopes can see?
is there an end? a margin? a boundary?

is there a beyond?
if yes, what is beyond?
does the ‘beyond’ itself have an end?
or is it never ending?

the god(damn) particle!

the last few days,
I have been on a spinning roller coaster of a “what if …”
since the report of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particles

after a hunt spanning five decades,
we have almost found the elusive ‘goddamn particle’.

Q&A: The Higgs boson

The Higgs mechanism proposes that there is a field permeating the Universe – the Higgs field – that allows particles to obtain their mass. Interactions with the field – with the Higgs bosons that come from it – are purported to give particles mass.

from BBC Science and Environment

is this Higgs field confined within the presumed boundaries of ‘our universe’?
does this Higgs field have to be a result of the ‘big bang’, so confined within the boundaries of our universe?
what if,
the Higg’s field has been eternally present as a wider vastness of unknown matter and/or energy?

were these ‘god(damn) particle’ created only as a result of the big bang?
what if,
these particles eternally existed in that undefined and a limitless vastness of an incomprehensible reality?

what if,
the big bang happened within that vastness of ‘dark matter and dark energy’
like a heavenly firecracker.

not unlike exploding smoke and ash in the darkness,
dispersing the new matter of quarks and leptons and the gauge bosons
initially massless, hurtling at the speed of light in all directions and dimensions…
inevitably colliding with the goddamn particles; that weighed them down and finally bound them together …

creating this universe we know.

if yes, was the big bang
simply an accident in a celestial laboratory?
or was it one of many venomous mushroom clouds in a wider war of demons?

or do the ‘gods’ occasionally indulge in colossal shows of heavenly fireworks?

and why only the one?
why not many big bangs; backwhen and now, still exploding?
one, two, three … ten … hundreds … thousands?
millions … trillions … sexdecillion?
maybe centillions?

will then every big bang create a different ‘universe’?
the multiverse?

and will them big bangs, all be identical?
will they / do they give rise to the same particles …
that form the same hadrons and leptons … same atoms and molecules …
clumping together to form identical stars and galaxies as we now find in our own universe?

will they have the same forces binding the particulate matter?
will they all have the same spectrum of electromagnetic radiation?
will they all have the same ‘light’, tied down to the same finite speed?

can we ever know, everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy?
can we ever claim to know what will always remain beyond our reach?

what ifs?

are the results of an idle mind drifting laterally
from and along the thoughts and beliefs of the norm, cannot be proved, cannot be disproved either – littleindian

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9 Responses to “what if: the ‘big bang’ was a firecracker of the Gods”

  1. I love this entry! Interesting!

  2. Hello Nikita.
    Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words.
    It was just my usual idle ramblings. I am glad you liked it.

    I hope you are well.
    You must be busy with another new year’s students.

    Best wishes.

  3. Wow! I am one of the best detectives and private investigators in Mumbai and I must say that the post above surely comes from a highly fertile and vivid imagination!

    What lies beyond our planet is a question that crosses my mind also very often. The vastness of space and the size and breadth of distant stars and planets are ideas that the human mind is incapable of fathoming. But what we can do is dream and imagine and let our spirits soar because it is then that we can actually set out to conquer space and time. Because everything begins from a thought – a spark in the mind! Maybe the universe is just a spark or an idea in God’s mind and maybe we are all living inside God’s mind! That’s my imagination on a roll now!

  4. Hello Ms Banerji,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your thoughts.

    I so agree with what you say.
    It would be audacious to believe that human mind can ever fully comprehend the ‘reality’ we live in.

    Yes we have science and the Laws of Physics.
    But we should not let anyone tie us down to those Laws. We have every right to let our minds run free in search of our own interpretation.

    Who is God?
    Or who were our Gods and Goddesses?
    Or who is the creator of the universe / life as we know it?
    Everyone should have the right to seek an answer for themselves.

  5. Yes I really believe that we as a species really cannot comprehend the universe how ever much we try to. Its like fishes or cats trying to make sense of mathematics. They will never be able to fathom it however hard they try. We can ponder and dream and enjoy our short visit on this planet without getting all messed up in tangles about the need to understand the physical and the metaphysical world 🙂 Sunita. http://www.allianceonemumbai.com

  6. Hi again.

    Yes, I agree.
    We may try to understand the universe around us in our own ways. Just live a good life. And not get too hung up by religion or science. There can be bigotry in both.

    Oh! Cats can be good at meowthmatics. They can count fishes for supper. 🙂

    How did you find this blog? Just curious.
    For since I rarely blog these days, I do not promote / publicise my website.

  7. LOl! I had a cat named Whiskey who loved music because her ears would perk up at the sounds of jazz music especially horns – louis armstrong and sidney bechet was a favourite! And since music is mathematics I do agree that maybe cats have the mysteries of the universe already figured out which is why they are at ease and sleep so much. Because when you know everything that there is to know what else is there to do but sleep?!

    About your blog, I have recently started a residential security company in Mumbai and since my job involves so much of hectic work these days I regularly refer to the top indian blogs list at Indian Bloggers website to read blogs and relax – which is where I think I found your site. Or maybe the connection was purely cosmic! Cheers!

  8. Hello! How are you? Happy New Year to you! Read your entry again here…and loved it 2x. 🙂 Starting Myths and Legends this week. 🙂

  9. Perception and Reality are different. How we perceive and what is reality are not the same, so say the wise. We are 3-D beings living in 4-D world. The conjecture is that there are 11-D in total. The ancient sages of India said enhance your senses(or dissolve them for No Dimension), don’t just get lost in the creations of your body-mind mediated by ego. Sensory enhancement(This is not a joke, can lead to information overload, hence the stress on physical Guru) ensures keener perception. Perception takes you closer to Reality. The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. Swasti.

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