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green with pride

Posted by littleindian on June 3, 2007. |

years of planning
hmming and haaaing
sacrificing and saving…

solar panels - green with pride

they are up at last
smiling up at the sun
gleaming fresh and shining
happy to generate clean electricity.

It is said,
almost half of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions come
from energy we use every day – at home and when we travel.
By saving energy we can all help prevent climate change.

Solar PV (photovoltaic)
uses energy from the sun
to create electricity to run appliances and lighting.
PV cells requires only daylight, and not direct sunlight
and so can still generate some power even on a cloudy day.

PV systems produce no greenhouse gases,
each kWp of electricity generated can save
approximately 325kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year,
adding up to about 8 tonnes over a system’s functional lifetime.

These panels
now fully wired in
are adding power to the national grid.
Just a tiny step, to leave behind a slightly smaller carbon footprint.

Last time I looked at them panels,
I swear I saw them wink down at me.





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11 Responses to “green with pride”

  1. Wonderful Little Indian. And thanks for helping our lovely planet.

  2. Thanks earthpal,
    had been thinking of this for a long time.

    Applied for the grant just on time,
    I do not think, could have done without the help.

    I read the funding for the grants has been slashed at the last budget.
    Misplaced priorities, I feel
    the government should be encouraging more people to go green!!

  3. Good morning Little Indian.

    I didn’t know they’d slashed the grants. That’s a very silly decision. I’ve often argued on my blog for the need of such grants. Otherwise many people just couldn’t afford to adapt their homes this way.

  4. http://www.rspb.org.uk/supporting/green/goingsolar.asp

    Being a member, I went through RSPB.
    The above link says why they have now scrapped the scheme.

  5. I think Mother earth really need more sons like you !!

    Congrats and Happy Environment Day 🙂

  6. Thanks bendtherulz,

    I hope Mother Earth forgives
    the crimes I have committed against her. 🙁

  7. Whoa! I am impressed. Well done you.

  8. Thanks EU,
    now have the distinction
    of being a small unit ‘power generator’.
    😉 Eeek.

  9. Very informative data. Upto us to make the choice. Any idea on the cost advantage of these alternatives? Are they cheaper than the present ones? Because as we can see from the latest G8 summit, countries are putting economy before climate. Btw, the Ancient American Indian Proverb is too good.

  10. Congratulations! And jubilations!
    little indian, you are brilliant.

  11. 🙂
    Thanks Inel.
    I thought you had fallen out with me.
    Everytime I try to write
    a comment on your blogs, it doesn’t register.
    have you set up IP blocks?