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Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) –

Posted by littleindian on September 17, 2008. |

-by Salvador Dalí


Those catch-my-breath moments when I see or hear for the first time
things that makes me stop, step back and simply go into a
wow-filled silence.

This is a painting I have always held in awe.
I have looked at it many times, feeling there was more to it,
with the feeling that I was on the verge of an elusive understanding…

Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) was painted in 1954 by Salvador Dalí,
and depicts the crucified Jesus upon the net of a hypercube.
(Dalí’s wife), is the figure in the bottom left, who stands looking up to the crucified Jesus. The scene is depicted in front of the Bay of Port Lligat

Till I had spent an entire weekend
struggling to think laterally, literally in right angles
or as learned mathematicians would call it, along orthogonals.

With the knowledge of how a hypercube opens up into a tesseract
in the fourth spatial dimension, I think I understand why –
the crucifix is a structure floating in 4D
while everything else on the painting is in the 3D
and there is no physical point of contact between the body of Jesus and the cross.

Dali, with his genius, in his painting has opened out the scene of the crucifiction
into the fourth dimension
and maybe beyond.


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3 Responses to “Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) –”

  1. Got you in Mahak’s blog. This pic is jus amazing.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks Nikita,

    Somehow in my mind, this painting has pushed all others to the back.
    As if it has a special dimension 🙂 to it.

    I do drp in on your blog now and then, even though I may not write.
    My mind at the moment can’t cope with chess.
    I apologise for not being able to reciprocate with comments.