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a space-time hopper!! that ?

Posted by littleindian on July 22, 2007. |


A product of Time Lord technology,
“a properly maintained and piloted TARDIS
can transport its occupants to any point in time and space”.

Doctor Who - TARDIS

That thing, I was to believe, was a time machine and a spacecraft.
A TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space.

I simply refused.
For by then I had seen
the proper spacecrafts, the likes of the Enterprise.

enterprise Bridge NX 1

They had bridges,
elaborate controls panels, flashing coloured lights;
they had warp drives, travelled at speeds greater than light,
had phase cannons and photonic torpedoes, polarized hull plating.

But that, that was just a phone box.
The interior was an optical illusion, made bigger than outside
after all the Doctor and his companions could not be expected to
stand cramped in a tiny space and deliver their lines, how unromantic.
And, it looked like a cheap theatre set, and never the bridge of a spaceship.

The BBC producers had simply failed to convince me.


I have been trying to catch up with many lost ‘Doctor Who’ years.
In The Robots of Death
I find, the Fourth Doctor had tried to explain to his companion Leela,

how a larger cube can appear to be able to fit inside a smaller one if
the larger cube is farther away but immediately accessible at the same time

Trying to understand what that meant,
I stumbled upon the concept of the fourth dimension.
The inside of the Tardis is not just the script writers’ yarn,
nor an optical illusion, but an example of the Time Lords’ transdimensional engineering.

Yikes!! Yikes Yikes and Yikes again!
I feel embarrassed to admit that all these years,
I had missed the significance of the “Relative Dimension” in the TARDIS.
I was existing happily in 3D, ignorant of the possibility of other dimensions.

From now on, everytime I see an abandoned
phone box, scruffy, worse for wear and blue, I will take a look inside, just in case…





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3 Responses to “a space-time hopper!! that ?”

  1. A while back, I wrote up (out of boredom one day) an examination of a Type 40 TARDIS you might be interested in:

  2. Thank Matt.

    If that was written out of boredom,
    I wonder what you would write when interested.
    Unless it is all relative in dimensions 😉

    I have had a quick read through,
    I will use it as a reference for future.

    Thanks again.

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