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let us nuke ourselves, and get it done with

Posted by littleindian on February 10, 2007. |

the best way of solving the problems the world is facing today.

Wars, so called terrorism, empire buildings, regime changes,
WMDs, or the lack of them,
jealousy, envy, greed,
religious hatred, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing,
poverty, world debt, humanitarian crises,
environmental disasters, holes in the ozone layer, global warming, glacier melting,
energy crisis, water crisis
bird-flu, HIV, cancers
euro replacing dollars as the world’s petro currency

I say, nuke the earth to hell and gone, and be done with it.

Nuclear explosion

What is it all worth anyway?
Wealth in the coffers of <1% of the world’s population.
Nothing more than pain and misery, for the rest.

Why go through life being the perpetual victim,
of something, somebody or someone.
Being lied to, fooled into believing what eventually always turns out to be untrue.

To always have to (seek out and fight) an enemy,
be it communists or terrorists
or just windmills
To have to keep a war running somewhere, so that those in power can stay in power.

Only the innocents die
or the conscripts
those who never have the choice.
collateral damage we are told,
acceptable so that the rest of us live.

thankfully will not drag on like the previous two.
It should be over in days, if not hours or just minutes.

There should be enough nuclear weapons in stocks all around the globe,
that when launched against one or the other will finish the job quickly.

Short and sweet.
Mercy killing,
if you look at it from my perspective.

The power hungry warmongers,
who conveniently stays away,
and keep their near-and-dear-ones
away from the front-lines
will burn as quickly and as painfully as the rest of us.

Those hidden in bunkers, will emerge to survey and rule what is left.
A radio-active remains of this earth. RIP.

Why wait.
Let us get on with it.
Why live a life based on lies and lies only?

Before we discover technology capable
of carrying our evil policies out to the rest of the universe
and destroy whatever is good left out there.
Lets do it.

So why delay the inevitable, let us nuke ourselves and get it done with.





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