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the curse on a serious blogger

Posted by littleindian on February 5, 2009. |

as a blogger, i often wonder which is the greatest of the scourges,
the loudmouth ignorants,
the opportunist but obvious propagandist
or the manipulator deluded about their own knowledge or intelligence or perhaps both

i have had the misfortune of being visited by one,
who has tried his/her pathetic best to use a play of words to divert from the point I make

as is a norm on this site,
I bring my response to that comment onto the mainpage,
so that it does not get obscured within the binary…

@ duncanr

you are being fastidious about my usage of the words “election year” because you obviously do not have any other arguments against what I have written.

To make it clear, so it sinks into your “non-sloppy” sanctimonious thinking:
a British PM can call an election at anytime of his term.
Under the provisions of the Septennial Act 1715 as amended by the Parliament Act 1911, the next United Kingdom general election must be held on or before Thursday 3 June 2010 – so Gordon Brown HAS TO call that election within the next 16 months – by 3rd June 2010 to be exact.

It is of no consequence whether 2009 has yet not been declared as “the election year” to the public – David Milliband, an individual with high ambitions of his own political future, himself must know when the election will be held – and when he needs to start “pandering” to the muslim votebanks.

Even with your fastidious diversionary argument – you cannot rule out a call for an election AT ANY TIME WITHIN THE NEXT SIXTEEN MONTHS. And if an election does take place before midnight, 31st December 2009 – consider your butt well and truly kicked.

My perspectives are clear – biased? perhaps.
what you are trying is a clever way of avoiding to declare that muslim perspectives too are deeply biased.

You may call yourself an aethist, I expected you would,
that is the another clever/cheap way of avoiding to declare what religion you were born into.
Declaring yourself an aethist does not exclude any bias in your thinking
it is THE PERFECT WAY of concealing a bias based on religion.

Besides NO ONE born into Islam can ever be an aethist.
Is it not, under the Islamic law (sharia), the male apostate must be put to death unless he suffers from a mental disorder or converted under duress and a female apostate must be either executed, or imprisoned until she reverts to Islam.

I stand my ground,
with an election that HAS TO be declared at ANYTIME and CONCLUDED before 3rd JUNE 2010, it is now ESSENTIAL FOR BRITISH MPs TO PANDER TO MUSLIM VOTERS.

Milliband does not dare talk of Israel giving independence to Palestine – he may be a moron, but has just enough neurones to realise that will be the end of his political career. the easy option was to score cheap points by talking Kashmir.

It is ironic,
in the name of democracy, the world has to suffer MPs pandering to a religion to get their votes
when that religion itself does not believe in democracy.

Sloppy thinking? My readers will judge that.
But it has more value than what you dish out day after day on your own website.
It takes a lot more than your diversionary attempts under the pretence of being “fastidious” to try and disprove or discredit what I write.

I do not publish cowardly diversionary arguments here.
Any further arguments that YOU may have – dish them out on your site.

this individual serves his non-sloppy thoughts at a mad tea party
please visit: a display of intelligence as you may never have perceived before

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