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from clapso

Me No Big Chief…
This blog is ably run by ” little indian.” This is one of those blogs that give info never seen elsewhere. The latest series of posts concerns the disputed territory of Kashmir. This blog is a must read for anyone wishing to gain insight into the wider implications of the war in Iraq and it’s surrounding countries. There are a host of other issues covered in this blog and poetry too!

from earthpal

Little Indian:
he makes me think. Little Indian’s poetic ponderings are fascinating in their simplicity and he often questions humanity in all its madness.

from fairlane:

Little Indian
Don’t let the name fool you. Seriously, he’s really Indian, but the not the kind you think, and he’s not “Little” either.

The Caption at the top of his blog says, “me no big chief.” It’s a ruse because Little Indian’s posts are like A-bombs, literally sometimes.

He knows his history, and he writes about it eloquently, passionately. A couple of times while reading his posts I’ve had to pause for a minute because Damn! He nails the emotion, and I like writers that can do such things.

from mscutepants

Not only do I love the Native Indian saying quoted on his blog, I love his passion for politics and the environment.