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Comments policy: Revised on: 14 September 2007.

Hello visitor,
if you are reading this, you probably have stopped to read my posts and not just passing through.

It is nice to know that my thoughts are not just drifting away.

I would be grateful if you would share with me your thoughts even if you do not agree, please tell me why.

This site does publish unsusbstantiated propaganda. If you contradict my points of view, I would expect you to provide evidence for your arguments.

I believe in freedom of thoughts and expression, I will in no way modify, censor or delete anything you write here just because it contradicts, refutes, or disagrees with my own views.

There will almost always be a response if you stop on your way back, that I promise.


I reserve the right to not publish any comments that are purely malicious and written with the sole intention of disrupting my blogs page.

I will not publish if I find you have deliberately left a false email address.

If you have deleted my comment(s) on your blogs page, I reserve the right to withhold or delete yours, it will not be fair otherwise.

If I withhold your comment, I will acknowledge it and give you a reason why.

My views and opinions are not set in stone, so if they change based on the comments you make, I may change the original text. I will inform you of the change, and will acknowledge the reasons why. I do not see anything embarassing in having to change my views based on what I may read or hear from someone’s different perspective.


Comments are welcome, however you are entirely responsible for the content of any comment you choose to leave in this blog.

You are welcome to agree or disagree, but please do so in a spirit of amicable discussion and free exchange of information.

If you use profanity or obscenities, only those word will be masked with asterixes; otherwise, comments are not moderated. Just so that we all know the nature of person you really are.

All spam is automatically removed by Akismet. I no longer sift through the pile of garbage filtered out as spam, so if your genuine comment gets sequestrated, I apologise.

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