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what happened to morality in sport?

Posted by littleindian on June 29, 2010. |

the goalkeeper here MUST have seen the ball bouncing way inside the goalline.
it was not just a few inches this way or that
it was in by almost half a yard!

Manuel Neuer beaten

it was so obvious
why could he not admit that he had been beaten?

all he had to do was
pick up the ball and place it behind the line to confirm the goal.

i ask,
if he had done it,
would he have been a fool?
would anyone ever mocked him for it?
more importantly, if they had eventually lost,
would any of his countrymen ever blamed him for being honest?

now in his mind he must know he was truly beaten
perhaps he admits it to his conscience too.

had the goal been allowed, it could have changed the outcome of the match.
that is the only doubt that will remain for ever
for no one can ever doubt it was a goal

do we really need more technology in sport
if the players themselves can be honest and admit their mistakes or having been beaten?

where is then the morality in sport?
where is fair play?

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6 Responses to “what happened to morality in sport?”

  1. If he had been honest on this and agreed, it would have changed the course of Wcup. These people worry about business(mostly) .. so huge loss for German adverts and gain in English ones .. so on.

  2. Thanks bach.

    This guy missed a great opportunity.
    To not only hold up the value of fair play but also to have his name written in footbal history.

  3. i didn’t watch this match … my cousin n uncle watched it – he later came to me n said Germay will win the Worldcup (this time i m supporting Arg.) i asked why – he said luck is on their side … n much later came to know about this incident … So now if they did win the cup … i m quite sure somewhere in his (goli’s) mind he might feel guilty !!

  4. n Thankyou for visiting my blog n add me on ur blogroll 🙂
    … loved ur blog n follow it !!

  5. Thanks for saying hi again! I hope you’re fine too! 🙂

  6. hey chhoto-daa, remember me? got myself a new blog 🙂

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