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me no little puppy

Hello everybody,

I am Ruff
and this is my dlog blog ‘flog’.
I am now fifteen months old.
I am what they call a Broader Border Terrier.

baby border terriers

I was born
on the 17th May 2006
with four sisters and a brother.
My father is called Monty
and my mother is Truffles.

I am one of these puppies,
(but not sure which one).

I hear I came into this world facing the wrong way.
I get confused easily, and never know if I am coming or going.
Unless, you happen to have some yummy nibbles, then I know which way to look.

My real name is Little Mickey Blue Eyes.
Honest. It is on a birth settifficate certticifate certficate somewhere.

Can you think of a name more daft?
I am not little, I do not have blue eyes, and I am not a mickey mouse.
I am Ruff. Wuff wuff wuff.

I was eight weeks old when I left my mummy and daddy
and came to look after Little Indian.
This is me, at that time.
Feeling homesick.

Ruff at 2 months

Little Indian
my bloglogging partner calls me Ruff.
My name is taken from my mother’s name, Truffles,
but also because I am rough and tough, er scruffy actually.

But so is he, but you won’t hear anyone calling him ‘scruffy’?!
But I don’t mind. He is alright. He has his uses.
He stayed up all night when I have been ill.
And is very generous with my treats.

And he has let me write my own story.
He says I have many friends here, who says I am cute.
I am not really, I am just a simple little soul, living a dogs’ life.

two wags of my tail, few wuffs, and some sloppy licks to who ever reads my tail tale.

If you wish to read more stories of my little life,
I hid them from littleindian.

You have to dig for them down here.