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what if: bigotry on earth is, as it is in heaven

Posted by littleindian on October 15, 2008. |


Paleocontact – the ancient astronaut theories have never been proved.
Or received support within the scientific community.
Neither can it be disproved.

What if
we are the descendents of
or if we have been visited by ancient astronauts –
life forms, or a race, or a civilisation of galactic proportions
from somewhere, it can be almost anywhere, in this infinite universe
or a parallel; or from a dimension imperceptable to our primitive three-D senses?

They left behind for us to follow,
their ways of life
their rules
in the form of a belief system focusing on a system of laws,
the doctrine of an unseen being considered supernatural, sacred, divine, or of the highest truth.
A God! And a religion.

And they created fear in us – so we followed without questioning.

Fear, The Foundation Of Religion

Bertrand Russell | March 6, 1927 | Lecture delivered at the Battersea Town Hall.

Religion is based, I think, primarily and mainly upon fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly, as I have said, the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes.

Fear is the basis of the whole thing — fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand-in-hand. It is because fear is at the basis of those two things.

What if
we were visited by not one but many of such alien races,
each from a different corner of the universe, each with
different body forms,
different requirements
different mind forms
different principles
different thoughts
different beliefs
different laws
and each of them directed us to follow ONLY their tenets.
Different Gods! As many religions!

What if
these alien life forms
because of their unique xenobiology
had to remain segragated and were/are intolerant of each other
what if in their bigotry they were as bad as one other, if not worse.

What if
they were the Gods or the descendents of
and those they could not tolerate or fought and killed were the evil – the Devil.

What if
ONLY their own home world or solar system or their galaxy was to be our Heaven
and every galaxy outside their domain was

What if
what we have done for centuries
is simply perpetuate the bigotry and conflict of galactic proportions.
and without questioning have followed “On earth, as it is in heaven(s)”
each religion dreaming of a different heaven – of a different galactic empire.

Bertrand Russell
In this world we can now begin a little to understand things, and a little to master them by the help of science, which has forced its way step by step against the Christian religion, against the churches, and against the opposition of all the old precepts.

Science can help us to get over this craven fear in which mankind has lived for so many generations. Science can teach us, and I think our own hearts can teach us, no longer to look around for imaginary supports, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make this world a fit place to live in, instead of the sort of place that the churches in all these centuries have made it.

We are now capable of creating monstrous tunnels to recreate a nanoscopic ‘big bang’ – at a staggering cost of €3.2–6.4 billion that would have fed the hungries of this world till kingdom come.

Yet we do not have the courage to apply our knowledge to question or explain the no longer “supernatural” events of centuries ago. Or to shelve our ancient beliefs and practices and form a new religion, that is relevent to what we are now, and where we wish to go in our future.

A code of conduct to live by, a terrestrial religion.
A religion of Earth, created by earthpeople and for all earth’s inhabitants.

what ifs?

are the results of an idle mind drifting laterally
from and along the thoughts and beliefs of the norm, cannot be proved, cannot be disproved either – littleindian

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4 Responses to “what if: bigotry on earth is, as it is in heaven”

  1. feels great to see the vintage littleindian back.
    the society will always have variations, and hence religious chauvinists will always exist. what we’ve gotta do is never let them run the show, that’s it. today people are educated enough to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. they cannot follow follow the truth because they lack in willpower or are too scared of the initial repercussions around them.

  2. Good to see you back on my site too Subhabrata,

    You are right,
    its those who are scared who cannot question religion.
    Russell was a brave person to have said that back in 1927.

    There of course are the opportunists who will use “religion” for individual or collective gains.

  3. Then there are nuts like me who contend the portraying of Jesus as religious authority is odd : his alleged record is that of a scoffer whose death showed the hypocrisy of ‘organized’ religion – preaching love and acting murder.
    Actually, I had just been at http://dad2059.wordpress.com/ kibitzing about UFOs and much more : in a fashion with some similarity to what you have here.

  4. Could be or couldn’t be. We could give numerous theories and everything would be right from certain perspectives. The thing is none can be proved as God isnt an Emperical Concept. I have this theory- Religion was Psychology in its infancy. Imagine every psychosomatic disease of the ancient times, that didnt have a drug/herb to cure. Surely then there is a need for an entity “God” that if you had faith in would cure…